Dr. Tock's Traveling Clock- rBackyard Week #3

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Bible Story: Genesis 39:20 - Genesis 41:14 (Joseph Was Kind in Prison)

Need to Know: Be Kind



After watching the Bible Story, you can ask your child these application questions about being kind:

  • You and your friend are outside playing in the yard. You find some really cool sticks, but your friend hasn’t found any.  If you want to BE KIND (pat heart), what should you do? (Share with your friend, help him find some, etc.) Yes! Sharing is one way you can BE KIND!
  • You made a special picture for your mom. But while you were making it, you dropped paper and glitter on the floor.  If you want to BE KIND (pat heart), should you pretend you DON’T SEE (cover eyes with hands) the mess or should you CLEAN UP the mess on the floor? (Clean up)  That’s it! You may be ready to do something else, but cleaning up after you make a mess is one way to BE KIND.

You can also ask your child these questions:

  • What is your favorite trip that you have been on?
  • Where would you want to go on a trip?
  • What is one way you can BE KIND at home? On the playground? At church? At school?


It is much easier to be kind to others when we reflect on the great kindness that Jesus showed to us.  Romans 5:8 says that "but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." So many times our children will want to justify being unkind by calling out the actions of others, the unfairness.  We have to point them back to grace.  We all need to be reminded of who saved us and what we've been saved from.  We don't deserve grace at all...not even a little bit.  It is purely God's goodness and kindness toward us.  So when we look at others through that lens, it should make it a little easier to be kind toward others.  Let's remind our kids of what great kindness God has shown us.


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