Dr. Tock's Traveling Clock- rBackyard Week #8

March 20, 2016 | by: Jessica Wilson | 0 Comments

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Bible Story: Genesis 45-47 (Joseph Obeys God)

Need to Know: Obey God


After reading the Bible story, you can use this fun hidden picture activity to talk about what your child learned:TTC_PS_Wk8_SG_PS_HiddenPictureSheet



 This was our final week of Dr. Tock's Traveling Clock. We had so much fun! In this series, we looked at the life of Joseph, and we talked a lot about action-based principles...do what's right, love being kind, live humbly, obey God. All of those things are good, and they are what God wants. However, those things don't just happen. We are not naturally inclined to do the right thing or to love being kind to others. In fact, we are usually inclined to the opposite.

So you might be thinking, how do we get here? Two of the main ways are 1) Bible Study and 2) Prayer. When we truly begin to know God and hear His voice, our actions change to look more like Him. He captures our hearts.  It is easy to get discouraged when your little one doesn't understand the Bible or the importance of reading it.  It is easy to think that praying with them doesn't mean anything to them.  But know this...you are building a foundation of biblical truth in their lives that is so important.  It matters.  So don't give up!  They may not get it yet, but there will be a moment when all those hours of reading the Bible and praying with and for your child makes a difference.  It is worth it.



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