Pirates, rCity Week #7

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Need to Know: The Good News is Treasure to Share

Bible Story: Jesus is Alive & Jesus is Taken to Heaven (Mark 16; Luke 24; Acts 1:1- 11)



Parents, ask your child these questions from the bible story this week:

  • Why were the two men sad at first? (Because Jesus had died)
  • True or False: Everything happened as God had planned. (True)
  • Since Jesus appeared to the disciples, could He still be dead? (No)
  • God brought Jesus back to life after He died! That is such good news!
  • What did Jesus say the disciples would be baptized with? (The Holy Spirit)
  • Who did Jesus say to share the good news with? (Everyone in the world)
  • What is the good news? (Jesus died and came back to life to forgive us)


This week, we were able to talk about how The Good News is Treasure to Share! Following up this week is the perfect opportunity to share the gospel with our kids and teach them the importance of sharing the gospel with others. Jesus is our treasure- the greatest gift we've ever been given and ever will be given. Talk to your child about how Jesus is your treasure and how He can be their treasure, too! 


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