rBackyard, Off the Rails, Week 1

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rBackyard Parents,

This Sunday we started a new series, Off the Rails. During this series we will be going on a new adventure in SpringTown Fun Park! We will have fun learning how much God loves us and how we can love Him.


This week in rBackyard we learned how special we are to Jesus. God made each and every one of us special in our own way, and He loves us just the way we are! We read the story of Zacchaeus (Beginners Bible pg. 413-415) and saw just how much Jesus loved Zacchaeus and wanted to spend time with him. Jesus picked Zacchaeus out of the large crowd of people, because he was so special to Jesus. We learned that Zacchaeus was special to Jesus and so are we!

OTR_PS_Wk1_Bible Story from Kidspring Media on Vimeo.

Need to know:

I (thumbs point to self) Am Special (hug self) To Jesus! (point up)

Here are some questions to help you talk with your child about the Bible story:

  1. Why were all the people crowded in the streets? (To see Jesus)
  2. When Jesus saw Zacchaeus in the tree, what did Jesus say to him? (Zacchaeus, come down. I want to go to your house.)
  3. Was Zacchaeus surprised that Jesus knew his name? (Yes!)
  4. Was Zacchaeus surprised that Jesus wanted to spend time with him? (Yes!)


We know our children are special, but we really want them to know how special they are to Jesus. Below are some questions you can talk with your child about to help them know in their heart why they are so special to Jesus.

  1. What are some ways that God made you special?
  2. Does Jesus know all of these things about you?
  3. If Jesus thinks you are special, does that mean he loves you?

Another way to help your child grow in understanding in their heart is by learning their memory verse. This series memory verse is:

“Love (cross hands over chest) the Lord your God (point up with both hands) with all your heart, (pat heart) all your soul, (place both hands in center of chest) all your mind, (tap temples) and all your strength.” (pretend to show off arm muscles)
Mark 12:30


This week you can help your child apply that they are special to Jesus and that Jesus thinks everyone is special through some of the activities listed below.

  1. Jesus Thinks I Am Special Poster: Have your child draw a self-portrait and draw pictures or write things that make him or her special all around the picture. Hang the poster on the fridge and as your child thinks of new things that make him or her special to Jesus throughout the week, add them to the poster.
  2. We want everyone to know how special they are to Jesus. You and your child can create cards for friends to tell them all the reasons why Jesus thinks they are special!



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