There are a few ways to safely contribute to REVO Church:

By Mail
REVO Church
P.O. Box 20697
Winston-Salem, NC 27120-0697

Checks should be made out to REVO Church. Be sure to include your name and return address on the envelope.

On the Internet
Giving options are available through SecureGive.

During Worship
Because we believe that being obedient with our finances is an act of worship, part of our time of worship on Sundays always includes a traditional time of offering. You will have the opportunity to place your tithe/gift in a basket as it is passed during the worship service.  We also have a secure e-Giving kiosk set up in the lobby. At the kiosk you will be able to tithe/give using your credit or debit card. A receipt will instantly be emailed to you.

Questions about giving? Email us at

*REVO Church is a 501(c) (3) organization. All contributions to REVO Church are tax deductible and contribution documentation will be mailed at the end of the year.