rWorld Kids

rWorldGloberWorld is a ministry designed specifically for children ages 6 weeks to 5th grade. At rWorld, we strive to provide a safe, clean, and fun environment for children to learn about Jesus on their level!

First Time

We believe in our children's ministry so much that we want every child, ages 6 weeks to 5th grade, to be able to experience the fun and learn about Jesus on their level each week. That is why we ask every child to check into our rWorld environments created just for them when they arrive on a Sunday morning, instead of attending the adult service. When you arrive at rWorld, a volunteer will happily direct you to the children’s check-in area. To ensure the safety of your child, we will enter your child’s information into our check-in system. We will ask for the following information: family members’ names, children’s names and birthdays, address, phone number, allergies, and any special needs that your child might have.

Feel free to print the registration card (también disponible en Español) at home and bring it already filled out to save time. Children may be checked in 20 minutes before service begins.

After your children have been checked in and you have received your identification tag, a volunteer will point you to your child’s room. An rWorld volunteer will cheerfully greet you and your child at the door. We invite families with children from birth to 6 weeks to join us in worship from the lobby viewing area.

After the service is over, you will return to your child’s room, and with the proper identification tag, your child will be released back to you. On your way home, be sure to ask your child if they had fun and what they learned that day.

*It’s important for you to know that if your child needs you for any reason during the service, their identification number will appear on the screen in the auditorium. A REVO volunteer will be available to take you to your child’s classroom.

rGardenLogorGarden is a wonderful place designed entirely for children 6 weeks to 17 months old. Each week, we strive to creatively teach every child that Jesus loves them on a level that they can understand!

What should you pack for your child?

When packing your child’s bag, please included these labeled items:

  • Disposable diapers
  • Pacifier or other soothing security item
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Bottle of milk, formula, juice, or water

rBackyardLogorBackyard is a fun place created specifically for children 18 months old to kindergarten. There are two age groups within rBackyard. The first group is for children 18 months to 3 years old, and the second group is for children 4 years old - kindergarten. Each week, we present interactive Bible lessons that teach every child about Jesus on a level they can understand, while having fun singing songs, dancing, and building relationships with their small group leaders.

rCityLogorCity is an exciting place designed specifically for school-aged children in 1st through 5th Grades. Each week, we explore creative, interactive Bible lessons to teach every child about Jesus in ways that they understand and can apply to their lives at home, school, or with their friends.


At rWorld, we want to ensure that our parents feel equipped to guide their families toward Jesus. We want to be your biggest fan! That means we want to provide resources to help you lead your children and talk to them about Jesus so that you can spark a revolution of life change in your home!

To keep up with what your kids are learning in rWorld each week, be sure to follow @rWorldREVO on Twitter and like rWorld on Facebook. There are also weekly rWorld updates available on the rWorld blog that include lesson recaps, memory verses, and more!